Ron Miller's Gallery

Ron Miller was the Production Illustrator on the movie DUNE. He has kindly allowed me to include jpgs of pictures taken from the making of Dune, along with scans of actual pre-production artwork!

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Arrakeen Palace    

Overall view of Arrakeen Palace, the shield wall, the city and spice factory.

Emperor's throne room  

Interior of the Emperor's throne room. The design was based on details of the Spanish Alhambra turned upside down!

Landing field  

Exterior of landing field.

Final battle  

Final battle, with army of worms pouring through gap in shield wall.

Battle at the palace  

The battle at the palace. The intent was to make the battle look like a scene from Heironymous Bosch.

Water storage tank  

The underground water storage tank. The figures are standing beside a water meter.

Emperor's landing field  

Initial concept for the Emperor's landing field, with Guild heighliner landing.

All Paintings By Ron Miller
Massive thanks go to Ron Miller for scanning in, and sending me the pictures.

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